Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Dark Sith Lord Returns

So, as widely predicted, now that the Lisbon Constitution Treaty has been ratified, the move to ditch Brown has begun. Miliband is off to the EU to be Foreign Secretary and Mandelson is to resign his peerage so that he can contest his safe seat and then be elected leader of the Labour party. Proof if ever that politics is all about lining your pockets or helping your career and has very little to do with serving those that elected them in the first place, the public.

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Guido also breaks with news this morning.

"Guido has been told that three weeks ago Margaret Thatcher wrote a personal plea to her great admirer Václav Klaus, to stand firm, in the hope of strengthening his resolve. It was to be delivered by William Hague. It still rests on his desk."


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