Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Lisbon Treaty

Well it looks like it is left to the Czech Republic and their president, Vaclav Klaus, to hold out to give the UK time to hold it's referendum, as the BBC* is reporting today (8th Oct) "Poland's President Lech Kaczynski will sign the EU's controversial Lisbon Treaty on Sunday, a top aide has said."

The map above is a little out of date as Ireland voted the "correct" answer yes last Friday and Germany deposited (already ratified) it's agreement late in September. I doubt very much that the Czech president will be able to hold out until May next year, as he will come under immense political pressure (both from the EU and internally) and bribes from the EU.

At the moment Dave Cameron is being very coy and not very bullish about what will happen if the Treaty is ratified before the election (UK). This I think will be major topic of discussion and flash point for the Conservative Party and the election as a whole. The Treaty is far more than just tidying up two previous treaties. It gives the EU far more powers and is very relevant to the election and future law making decisions and powers of our own elected MPs.

More to follow on what the Lisbon Treaty actually means and what are the options once it has been ratified and the Conservatives are elected.


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