Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Royal Mail strike

The Royal Mail, what a name, it was the first postal service in the world. Remember the first stamp anyone, the Penny Black?

So what is the reasoning for the strike and the current dispute?

Normally I don't have a lot of time for people who go on strike. I've spent most of my life working for private companies, where if you went on strike you'd be sacked immediately. But I have sympathy for the Posties at RM. Why, well it was never a well paid job, early starts and half of it during early winter mornings. The one bright side of it, was that they could finish early (if they completed their round early) and have the afternoon to themselves or maybe have a part time job to top up their wages. Whilst some may shout they get paid to work a full day, to me this is no different to the bankers that get a bonus for doing their job.

So, what is all the hoohah about and why is the Labour government (Mandelson) supporting the CWU?

Well, it's simple, it's all part of the EU master plan. The EU wants the Post Office/Royal Mail sold off and all politicians are following their master's bidding. The EU have said that the RM (along with other countries' postal services) must be privatised by Dec 2010 and both Labour & the Tories are complying with this directive.

So, the once profitable RM that delivers you a letter to virtually anywhere in the UK next day for less than the price of a Mars Bar, will be sold off and taken over by a European company, just like all the energy companies and most of the telecommunication/mobile phone companies and quite a number of our banks.

The RM will be sold off to either the Dutch operator TNT or the German postal service Deutsche Post within the next 15 months.

When this happens, the new companies will cherry pick services and those of you who live in the South and have a granny living in Inverness, will find that it costs a lot more that 39p to send her a birthday card and it'll probably take a week for it to arrive.

Why do the EU want to wreck what works already? I attach two blog posts for you to read, with a short quote from each.

"Therefore the ‘privatisation’ of Royal Mail from its position as majority universal service provider must occur by 2011. In targeting April for a sell-off, our Labour administration is simply doing as it is being told by our EU masters in the Commission rather than following the advice of any policy groups or reports.

I should also point out that even if the Conservative party were against the ‘privatisation’ of Royal Mail (which they are not), then it wouldn’t make the blindest bit of difference. Our continued membership of the European Union confers upon us the necessity of obeying its legislation which is now part of our own law."

"Before too long, we will have a European postal service - but it will be messy, delivered by multiple providers, albeit under the control of the EU. The final stage – decades into the future – is then to "rationalise" and "consolidate" the market, slimming down the number of providers until a few megaliths service the entire (European) system under the benign control of the Platonic guardians in Brussels."

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